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Vedic Mathematics
  • Vedic maths can help improve a person’s math skills, including their ability to perform mental calculations, solve equations, and understand mathematical concepts.
  • Vedic maths requires a high level of concentration and memory, which can help improve a person’s cognitive abilities, attention span, and memory retention.
  • The techniques used in Vedic maths can help improve a person’s speed and accuracy when performing calculations, which can be useful in academic, professional, and everyday life.
  • Vedic maths can help reduce math anxiety by providing a more intuitive and visual approach to math, which can make it more accessible and less intimidating for some people.
  • Vedic maths emphasizes creative problem-solving by encouraging students to think outside the box and find alternative methods for solving equations.
Abacus classes can offer a range of benefits for children, including improved math skills, enhanced concentration, increased brain development, improved problem-solving skills, boosted confidence, and a fun and engaging learning experience.

Children can greatly benefit from an abacus learning programme in terms of improving their learning abilities, photographic memory, visualising skills, speed, concentration, accuracy, and proficiency across all subject areas. Because of this, even in the age of digital technology, this 2000-year-old method continues to be the most popular course of study..


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